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Diction supports the Restart Switzerland campaign

Lockdowns, social distancing, closed shops – a global pandemic is not just an international health crisis, it also puts the brakes on our spending. In times like these, family, friends and society are obviously much more important. But now that the risk to public health is lowering, we can start to think about doing our bit the help the economy again.

Top tips for the annual report

For most of a company’s shareholders, the most tangible thing they ever see of their investment is the annual report. In modern times and for many companies and other organisations, it can amount to something the thickness of a paperback book. And given the amount of information it normally contains, the potential for getting something wrong can be enormous. That’s why companies devote, or should devote, a lot of effort into getting right – that doesn’t just mean making sure the contents are factually correct but also making sure that the document as a whole conveys the message you want about the company and how it is developing.

“Are you working in the homeoffice?”

The German-speaking world has a strange fondness for the English language. While English uses the occasional German loan word, such as rucksack or zeitgeist, Germans seem to love using English words in their native tongue so much that merely borrowing those words as alternatives for German isn’t enough – they also reappropriate familiar English words for things we just don’t use them for at all in English. 

The Nimdzi 100: Diction is a top language services provider

Nimdzi is a major international market-research and consulting company. Each year they closely monitor the language industry and publish a list of the 100 biggest language services providers in the world. We are delighted to announce that Diction made the top 100 this year – and that so many fantastic clients place their trust in us.

Homeoffice im Wilden Westen

Hier bei Diction sind wir ja wahre Homeoffice-Meister. Nicht nur in Pandemiezeiten. Aber die meisten Dictionianer leben in der sogenannten «Zivilisation». Wer hingegen in den entlegeneren Strichen Britisch Kolumbiens im Homeoffice arbeitet, ist bemitleidenswert. Nein, wirklich. Da ist zunächst einmal der Umstand, dass der Hund morgens noch weniger aufstehen will als man selber – 5.25 Uhr ist aber auch gemein früh. Der Grund für diesen recht unchristlichen Wecker ebenso wie für die Existenz von Diction International Communication Services Ltd.

Wanted: Kontext beim Übersetzen

Ich bin Übersetzerin, und mein Arbeitstag sieht jeden Tag anders aus. Es kommen immer wieder andere Texte von unterschiedlichen Kunden. Texte, die an unterschiedliche Zielgruppen gerichtet sind, Texte, die unterschiedliche Herausforderungen mit sich bringen.

Diction is the exclusive supplier of language services to BMW Group Switzerland

We have been providing BMW Group Switzerland with translation and proofreading services for more than a decade. We started back in 2009, and won our first tender with the Group in 2017. Since then, all BMW Group Switzerland projects (including those for BMW Motorrad, MINI, Alphabet and BMW Financial Services) have come to Diction, giving us the opportunity to work on a wide range of text types.