Here at Diction, we’ve always been fast and efficient, and we’ve always had a comprehensive set of processes in place. But after switching over to the latest version of Trados GroupShare, released in 2020, we now have a fully integrated translation-management solution. What’s more, GroupShare is integrated into our TMS, allowing us to centralise our terminology processes, manage resources and master data, ensure accurate reporting and create intelligent workflows in real time.

All well and good for us, but what do our clients get out of it? Quite a lot, actually! Aside from the obvious benefits of comprehensive data security, increased efficiency and faster turnaround times, there is even the added reassurance of having done something for the environment with every translation project: with GroupShare, data are only accessed, never sent, which reduces server load (and power consumption) considerably.

So when you send us your next project, however big or small, you can rest assured that our translation-management processes are now even more efficient – and just that little bit greener.