Diction Legal at the SCOM

The Diction Legal Translation department was in attendance with a stand at the Swiss Compliance Officers Meeting (SCOM) in Zurich on 29 June 2017. The SCOM is targeted at compliance officers from banks, asset management firms, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and aims to promote an exchange of information and experience. Of course, networking is also an important aspect of the meeting.

We mingled with the compliance officers, attended lectures on a range of topics pertinent to the issue of compliance, and enjoyed plenty of interesting discussions. As the sole exhibitor offering translations and proofreading of legal texts, we attracted a lot of attention – especially since our delegates are particularly knowledgeable on the subject of compliance and could enthusiastically participate in discussions. Banks and trust companies alike in Switzerland and Liechtenstein already rely on the language services provided by Diction Legal – because we know that accurate terminology across all languages is the key to compliance with legal requirements or a company’s own internal guidelines.