What our clients say about us

At Diction, we are delighted that our clients place such high expectations on us, as this gives us the opportunity to continually improve.
You can read what clients from a number of different industries say about us here.

Impressive technology

Diction has some real machine translation experts on their team. They managed to do exactly what we wanted by creating a kind of hybrid system that combines the use of machine translation and translation memories. It’s great how flexible they are. The user-friendly client portal is also great, and really makes our project management much easier. We are really happy with Diction!

Roger RölliTeam Leader Marketing Services, AMAG Import Ltd

Language quality and innovation

Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG has been using Diction’s language services since 2012. Our organisation places orders for translation and editing of texts for our numerous different target groups and stakeholders. It isn’t just the outstanding quality of the work they do that we appreciate, but also the innovative spirit they share with us.

Oscar FerrerHead of Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG

The first time we have been completely satisfied

We really rely on Diction for all of our automotive and marketing texts, and they are the first language services company that we have been completely satisfied with. Whether it’s translation or editing, we are extremely happy with the quality and service.

Petra KuhnHead of HOCL, Head of HR Operations – Global Language Center, ZF Friedrichshafen

A competent partner with a feel for language
Diction is a competent partner with an excellent feel for language. They make sure that the wording is consistent across all channels and in all languages. The project management team is also extremely professional.

Sylvie MerloHead of Public Relations, Möbel Pfister AG

Precise, thorough and fast
Compliance is a matter of great importance for Samsung – in all regions and all languages. That’s why, when it comes to legal translations, we rely on Diction’s specialist translators who work precisely, thoroughly and quickly and are experts when it comes to the law. Furthermore, we appreciate Diction’s flexibility and timely service.

Andreas BeyerHead of Legal & Compliance,
Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH

A reliable partner for the annual report

Diction is definitely a partner we can rely on when it comes to our annual report. Precision, quality and timing are essential when it comes to editing, and Diction’s team consistently delivers the very highest quality in all three areas.

Roswitha Brunner Head of PR and CSR, AMAG Group Ltd

Won over by the experts

For us, it was really important to have our website translated into English by language experts who also have extensive knowledge of legal terminology. We were really won over by the Diction team! They were fast, efficient and always found the right words.

Matthias HüberliLawyer, Hueberli Lawyers AG

Diligent, punctual, friendly
Diction delivers perfect translations and edited texts. They ensure that the tone remains consistent and they always thoroughly research their texts. The team always delivers on time and is always happy to help us at any time, day or night.

Amira El MaghrabiBrand Specialist, Adecco Human Resources AG

Precise and punctual – even for express jobs

The Diction team are not only highly competent and very friendly, they also consistently meet both our deadlines and our expectations when it comes to producing texts of the highest quality. Whether we let them know about the project well in advance or at the last minute, proofreading jobs and translations are always carried out to our utmost satisfaction – and are of a consistently high quality even when deadlines are tight. The Diction team are always there when we need them, which makes our work so much easier – we are really grateful for their support.

Piette Ruhstaller Cornèr Bank AG, Cornèrcard

Always professional

Our partnership with Diction goes back several years. We really depend on the professionalism of the Diction team, as working with partners who consistently deliver exceptional quality within set deadlines is key in enabling us to provide an excellent quality of service to our own clients. We have always been able to rely on Diction in this respect, and they are always friendly – whether the deadline is in two weeks’ or two hours’ time.

Philipp KochOwner and Managing Director,
Koch Kommunikation AG

On a scale of 1 to 10, they’re an 11
For us, Diction is the ideal partner for all kinds of translations – from TV scripts to adverts to dubbing for viral ads. They are always very accommodating, straightforward and friendly, but what we particularly value is their lightning quick response time whenever we send them a query or request. There is always somebody available to speak to at Diction, even at the weekend or late in the evening. With their help, we are able to make the impossible possible. Their translations are of a very high quality and they work extremely diligently. Once we have sent Diction the corporate language guidelines for a client, they apply it correctly and consistently in every text. We are more than satisfied with the work they do for us. If I had to rate them on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them an 11.

Fabiana ImhofConsultant, Wirz Communications AG

Incredibly creative, incredibly fast

Triet Storen has been working together with Diction on a regular basis for several years. The high quality of the texts is very impressive. “Our” Diction copywriter, who is always available to discuss things over the phone or even at our office, really is a creative marvel. She always finds exactly the right words for all our leaflets, advertisements or online content. She has also optimised the guidelines for our business correspondence in accordance with our corporate language. Every time we work with Diction we are delighted with the record-breaking response time, the friendly people and the fact that texts are delivered well before the deadline.

Daniel TrietOwner, Triet Storen AG

Cooperation on an (almost) daily basis

We have been working together with Diction for over two years now, specifically in the areas of editing and translation in several languages. In fact, we have such a close working relationship that we are in contact almost every single day. The quality of service is simply magnificent. The team are exceptionally thorough, as well as highly competent, and work at a tempo that ensures they never fail to meet our deadlines. Everyone who works there is professional, friendly and always on hand to answer any questions we have. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Diction in the future.

Marie LeggeriConsultant, Serviceplan

A competent partner for Arabic language services

NIRO Consulting AG have been working with Diction since 2010. We work together with Diction on translations for our clients in Oman. We particularly appreciate the direct contact we have with the Arabic translator – especially when it came to resolving cultural and linguistic issues quickly.

Felix WiggliOwner and Managing Director, NIRO Consulting

Successful marketing campaigns – thanks to Diction

Diction has written the copy for a number of our mailing campaigns. This required not only a wealth of copywriting expertise, but also a great deal of flair and imagination. The copywriter grasped our concept straight away, had a clear understanding of exactly what we wanted and used her excellent ideas to create really creative and compelling texts. The finished product read as though she had worked at our company for years! The team in Buchs has also drafted editorials for us, and we were extremely pleased with the results. We really look forward to working together on further projects.

Rommy PeterliCommunications Manager (Doctors), Galexis AG

No forms, no tedious uploads

When we started working with Diction, we sent our projects using the order form. But now we simply write a short e-mail explaining what we need and attach our PDF, Word and InDesign files – and Diction takes care of the rest. We are delighted to have found a company that adapts their processes to our needs, rather than the other way round.

Leone MingOwner, Leone Ming Establishment

Flexible, reliable and a pleasure to work with

When it comes to finding the right words, we know we can count on Diction – a dependable partner for many years. Besides being flexible, reliable and thorough, Diction are also a pleasure to work with on a personal level.

Tanja Muster-GartmannHead of Group Communications & Marketing,
VP Bank

Tailor-made language guidelines

Diction supports us with the stylistic revision and subsequent translation of important publications. We simply send the documents to the agency in Buchs and, within a matter of hours, receive linguistically correct and stylistically attractive texts in German, French, Italian and English. Diction has also compiled language guidelines containing the most important rules and conventions specifically for our company, thus enabling us to learn and improve as well.

Stefan WilhelmGroup Manager, Wilhelm Kaderselektion AG

Quick and helpful

Here at Frinorm, we often have urgent requests: letters to clients or specialist texts that have to be translated or proofread within a matter of hours. Diction always meets our deadlines, even when they are very tight. And the team always makes us aware of inconsistencies, without us having to ask – free of charge. We have absolute confidence in Diction and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Manuela FrickMember of the management board, Frinorm AG

Local partner, global expertise

We have been working together with Diction for over five years now. The fact that their offices are just down the road allows us to sit down together and discuss projects face-to-face, something that we really value. And the expertise of their in-house teams is very impressive: we of course have direct contact to their in-house editors and translators, but not just in the “standard languages” – German, English, French, Italian and Spanish – but also in Chinese, Japanese and Russian. This makes life much easier for us, as our experts and those at Diction can discuss any and all questions with each other as they arise – a fantastic service that we would not want to do without.

Brigitte GötzHead of Marketing, Allgemeines Treuunternehmen

A partner we can really rely on

We work together with Diction for a variety of clients, as the team in Buchs are experts at making technical texts read well in several different languages. We particularly value the fact that our requests are always dealt with quickly and that we are informed of the delivery time for each project right away. Diction are also happy to prioritise urgent projects in order to meet tight deadlines – a fantastic service which we value greatly when we also have pressing client deadlines. And they are not just a reliable partner for foreign languages – the German team work with real precision, researching company names and unknown terms, and where necessary also suggesting appropriate stylistic revisions.

Manuela SchlumpfConsultant, Lacher-Dumas Communications AG

Diligent and dependable

Diction are the very definition of dependable. Texts are always delivered on time – even when deadlines are extremely tight – and demonstrate an impressive degree of precision and attention to detail. Whatever the project, the results speak for themselves, and that is especially gratifying. For the client and for us.

Susanne Bühler Owner, Susanne Buehler AG

A service I would certainly recommend

I have always been impressed by the quality of the proofreading work at Diction. I also have texts translated in Buchs and am always happy to recommend Diction to my friends and business partners.

Sigvard WohlwendOwner, Wohlwend GmbH für Kommunikation

A modern service provider
Fast, competent, and available 24/7/365. This is what a modern service provider should be.

Dominic HäuptliConsultant, Alpha 245

A true partnership
The team at Diction not only deliver excellent translations, they are also able to look at things from the client’s perspective. They truly understand what partnership is about.

Mark Mislin Managing Director, DM Bau AG

Professional and solution-oriented
Diction always offers us a professional solution for all of our language needs. Translation, editing, copywriting – they always complete projects reliably, quickly, and with a clear focus on finding solutions.

Robert HämmerleManaging Director, Hämmerle und Partner

We recommend Diction
Diction has provided language services for us since 2016. They translated and took care of the final editing for our website in the Drupal CMS, helped us put together our corporate language book, and worked on our annual progress report. Diction has precisely the right expertise to excel where the worlds of science, public administration, the economy and politics meet. We can definitely recommend Diction without hesitation.

Raymond Cron CEO Switzerland Innovation

Highly flexible and strictly confidential
Diction translates all of our packaging, marketing and legal texts for Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. They translate the meaning of our texts rather than just translating the content word for word – and that is invaluable. Excellent marketing translations, proactive thinking, strict confidentiality, high flexibility – Diction doesn’t just do outstanding work, they do it in four different languages, around the clock, seven days a week, and with consistently excellent quality. We started working with Diction in 2015, so they now have a core team of translators that really speak our language and are familiar with tobacco-industry processes and terminology. This saves us a lot of time, as we can just send them our projects safe in the knowledge that they know exactly what to do without us having to explain anything.

Roger KochOwner, CEO Koch & Gsell AG