Diction supports innovation as a new partner of Switzerland Innovation

At Diction, we have always enjoyed bringing innovative ideas to life, and even though we have customers scattered all across the world, as a Swiss company, we particularly relish any opportunity to use our linguistic expertise to promote innovation in Switzerland.

Since December 2015, as the new language partner of Switzerland Innovation, we have been doing just that. Switzerland Innovation is a foundation supported by the Swiss Federal Government, cantons, universities and the private sector that offers researchers and innovative companies, both domestic and foreign,  a prime platform on which to develop their results into marketable products as quickly as possible. We are therefore delighted to be working with Switzerland Innovation, where the worlds of science, the economy and politics meet. We have already completed the first step – with the translation and final editing of the foundation’s brand new website directly in Drupal – and there are many more projects in the pipeline. That’s why we are in the process of creating a complete corporate language book for our new partner, and are currently translating a summary of their activities for potential partners in China. Switzerland Innovation is committed to promoting and developing innovation in Switzerland, and we are providing them with a solid foundation in terms of language – across all borders.