You and us – more than translations

Just in time for our 20th anniversary and just for you, we are now Diction 2.0 – new and improved. 

Our repositioning is in full swing, and we will soon have a brand new website for you. With a new logo, new colours and a wealth of additional services.

Plan. Create. Automate. Things are really starting to flow 

Both in the minds of our experts and in the synapses of our tools. Our relaunch is focussed on the synergy between humans and machines. We’ll help you optimise your communication right from the start. From workflow to content development to language refinement and translation. 

The workflow also flows through our all-in-one platform, where you can manage orders, check terminology, try AI translations yourself, get in touch with us and do lots more. Prepare to be surprised! 

The power of your language starts flowing before the first translation 

By way of example, making full use of your company terminology and corporate language will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to translations. But how? Maybe you’ve never thought about it. Or maybe unorganised word lists and glossaries have been driving you mad for years. 

We have an entire team ready to deal with this! Our language consulting experts create, extract, check and clean up all your linguistic assets – no matter how chaotic, contradictory, incomplete or extensive they are. They provide advice on tone of voice, know all about correct and popular gendering options, and simply optimise your language all round before you even get started with translations, editing, etc. 

So you can be sure of optimised linguistic output in all your projects – be they powered by humans or AI. And you’ll make tangible savings – in terms of time, money and nerves. 

This is (still and will always be) Diction. 
This is Empowered Communication!

Start making the most of our new services right away

Our services are ready! Even though we’re still enhancing our website in the background, you can get started right away and book a no-obligation meeting – online or in person. 

Maybe we could introduce you to the improved Diction platform. Or maybe you’d like to know how to convert your language assets (glossary, spelling rules …) into exceptionally strong, high-quality, AI-powered translations. To save you time, money and nerves. 

Dennis Janzik

Sales Manager
Business Development | Diction AG

0041 817505342

Or join our VIP waiting list 

Become a Diction VIP – so you never miss updates on our services, tools and events again. Just use the QR code. Incidentally, this isn’t a subscription to a regular newsletter; you’ll only receive mail from us when something cool is actually happening – things you’ll enjoy, things that will make your projects with us even easier and more cost-effective, etc. 

Yes, we still offer

… exceptionally good translations, editing and copywriting! But from now on, you also get the benefit of additional services that do a whole lot more for you before the actual translations. 
 So you can be sure of a smooth, fast, high-quality and cost-effective process every time. From A to Z. Or maybe that should be from P (for plan) to A (for automate). Talk to us and get to know Diction (2.0) – we’re ready for any challenge! 

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