We are ISO 9001 certified

Who, what, when, where, why, how? When it comes to our process management, questions like these now have official, detailed answers. You know how it is – everything has its own place and process, but the question of who knows exactly where to find the information, and whether everyone else is aware of this information and is following it, is often not very clear when several people are working together.

During our ISO 9001 audit, we had to prove that we have an effective quality management system in which duties, responsibilities, structures and work processes are regulated in a binding and transparent manner and documented within process and procedural instructions.

And prove it we did. Our auditor had some particular words of praise for us: it was clear that the issue of quality management did not represent a problem for us; rather, it is the fundamental principle in how we go about our work. All the employees he spoke to conveyed this attitude with authenticity. Great to hear! At least now we know why we’re always so well organised.

From now on, thanks to our ISO 9001 certification, we can demonstrate to our clients that we have all our processes under control. We have already been ISO 17100 certified for our translation services for a number of years.

Zertifikat Diction AG EN