Since 2019, Diction has been the language services provider for ZF Friedrichshafen AG, an international company that provides mobility technology for cars, commercial vehicles and industrial applications.

ZF has around 230 sites in 40 countries and roughly 149,000 employees.

It was Diction’s focus on quality and personal relationships that tipped the balance in our favour. And, with a team of experienced specialist translators and proofreaders who have an in-depth understanding of the automotive industry and marketing, Diction was the perfect choice for ZF. After ZF visited us at our offices in Buchs, it was clear that our companies were also an ideal match in terms of personality, with Swabian diligence and humility perfectly complementing Swiss punctuality and pragmatism.

But how did Diction, a premium service provider from Switzerland, manage to see off the stiff competition to become the language service provider for a renowned German manufacturer? It wasn’t just our expertise that won over ZF, but also our competitive pricing and lean processes.

Most of the texts we now proofread for ZF are English, and the majority of translations are into English, but we also work with French, Spanish and Italian texts – so we really get to flex our linguistic muscles and prove our technical expertise.

Thank you, ZF, for placing your trust in us!