Great news about the 2021 CSA rankings! Just like the past few years, Diction is among the top language services providers in Western Europe and the world according to the 2021 study carried out by the independent market research institute Common Sense Advisory (CSA). Diction is ranked 15th in the top 35 list for Western Europe in the Who’s Who in Language Services and Technology: 2021 Rankings. We are also in the top 70 of the top 100 agencies in the world. That’s right, the entire world – the one that’s home to thousands of other agencies.

We are really proud that our clients have placed their trust in us for so many years. Even during the difficult lockdown periods, we all pulled together and did our best to support each other. That’s why we’re particularly proud of our ranking this year.

Maybe it’s the typical Diction blend of friendly people and creative solutions (such as the CMS plug-ins we developed) – our aim is to ensure that we support our clients with the best people and the best technology. Now and in the future. Our 2021 CSA ranking certainly motivates us to keep doing what we’re doing. In Switzerland and across the world.

CSA-Ranking 2021