Language experts for your industry

Do you need curricula or exam questions translated? We have the experts and technology you need for education and training translations – for all industries and official Swiss languages.

Switzerland’s varied labour market

In Switzerland, you can learn a huge range of fascinating trades in a number of amazing industries. There are so many important texts and documents that have slightly (or very) different content for each organisation, industry and educational institution.

We have been supporting Swiss trade organisations, industry associations and training and educational institutions for several years, and have a wealth of expertise in this area.

We are also aware of the huge range of different challenges for different texts and documents.

But one thing is clear: whether it’s exam papers, core syllabuses, teaching programmes, trade brochures, information brochures or career information booklets, official training and education content is published in all Swiss language regions and needs to be clear and consistent in all languages.

We offer the language services listed below. If your project is a little more out of the ordinary, we look forward to working on it! Get in touch with us, we have experts in all subject areas. We can also draft new content from scratch, and our copywriters always relish the opportunity to work on brochures, news articles and other projects.

  • Core syllabus translation and proofreading
  • Teaching programme translation and proofreading
  • Career brochure translation and proofreading
  • Vocational training information translation and proofreading
  • VET ordinance 2023 translation and proofreading
  • Education reforms translation and proofreading
  • University news translation and proofreading
  • Industry news translation and proofreading
  • Exam regulations translation and proofreading
  • Exam questions translation and proofreading
Übersetzung Bildungswesen - Sprachexpertinnen am Werk

Language experts for your industry

Unsere internen Sprachspezialisten sowie unser grosses Netzwerk an externen Fachpersonen stehen für Ihre Aufträge im Bereich Übersetzung Bildungswesen bereit – ebenso sind wir natürlich auch für Lektorate und Texterstellung für Sie da. Schon seit vielen Jahren Our in-house linguistic specialists and our large network of external experts are ready to work on your translation, proofreading and copywriting projects in the area of education and vocational training. For several years now, we have been working on various different types of important documents for educational and scientific institutions as well as industry organisations, including for, i-k-t GmbH, Gebäudehülle Schweiz and the ETH Library. One of Switzerland’s biggest organisational institutions has also entrusted their texts to us for years via Oertli Schulung Beratung Kultur AG.

Here are some examples of how Diction can help you with your texts:

  • We can translate your documents accurately, using the specialist terminology you provide, into French, German, Italian, English and more.
  • As a Swiss agency, we are familiar with the differences in content between documents for the various regions of Switzerland, and we understand that cross-language consistency isn’t always necessary.
  • We create a style guide for you that we automatically refer to for projects you send to us. You are free to use this style guide in-house.
  • If you want to document and manage your terminology systematically, we will be happy to advise you on the ideal approach.
  • Do you want to automate your terminology management? If so, we recommend our comprehensive terminology manager (see below).
  • Our copywriters will also be happy to create content from scratch based on your briefing. We have many years of copywriting experience in the areas of communication, PR and news for research, training and education.

Creative copywriting for research and education

We don’t just translate for professional associations and vocational training organisations – we also provide support in the areas of research and education. For ETH Zurich, we are currently working on copywriting projects for intranet texts and translating them into English. Find out more about our creative copywriting for the ETH Library.

Exam question translations

For several years now, Diction has been proofreading and translating sensitive exam documents for the Swiss exam boards for marketing and sales specialists and managers. Find out how we work efficiently and effectively while ensuring absolute confidentiality.

Straightforward project management for sensitive documents

Professional associations and exam organisations have particular requirements when it comes to project management, such as confidential exam documents that can’t be sent via the usual channels or uploaded to the project portal. Diction provides tailored solutions for your needs in process management. We have, for example, proofread and translated exam documents for the Swiss exam boards for marketing and sales specialists and managers since 2015, and adhere to strict security measures throughout the project process.

And we don’t just implement your additional security measures – we also work in accordance with the GDPR for all projects and protect your data with state-of-the-art technologies and a highly secure data centre. All employees – in-house and external – sign a strict confidentiality agreement.

Reforms and new programmes: a multilingual affair

The core syllabuses are newly proposed and approved every seven years. This obviously means that the new documentation needs to be made available in all official Swiss languages (and in some cases English). Diction has already translated a number of core syllabuses. For example, we worked on translations for i-k-t GmbH and various professions for core syllabuses in the following subject areas:

  • Microtechnology
  • Medical technology
  • Product design
  • Media management
  • Communication design
  • Metal and facade engineering
  • Wood technology
  • Textile technology
  • Process technology
  • and much more

If your industry has an upcoming reform, or a new core syllabus or teaching programme needs to be translated, we will be happy to help.

Ready for the VET ordinance 2023

The VET ordinance 2023 comes into effect at the start of the 2023 school year. It was passed by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) for the Commercial Employee, Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, and Commercial Employee, Federal Certificate of Vocational Education and Training qualifications (previously Office Assistant, Federal Certificate of Vocational Education and Training). All industry associations that offer these qualifications are currently working hard to update their documents.

We are here to help! Our language professionals would be delighted to work on your translations for the VET ordinance 2023 – in fact, we have already worked on various important documents relating to the new ordinance and are well-versed in all of the ins and outs. Just ask us.

We offer education and training translation and proofreading services for any type of text and any subject.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

Our Project Management team, headed up by Céline Rodriguez Barbur, is on hand to answer any questions you may have and looks forward to working on your projects in the areas of careers, education and training, exams, etc.

+41 81 750 53 33

The terminology manager:
all your templates and terms in one place

Our clients in the areas of vocational training and industry associations often tell us how challenging it is to organise, manage, use and update document templates and terminology about specialist information while ensuring consistency across all languages. It is often the case that only certain people in the team know where documents are saved or which terms should be used. Ensuring the consistent use of terms across all languages is essential, particularly when it comes to important things like exam questions or education and training requirements.

If you want to manage your terminology or corporate language more effectively and make it available to everyone in your team, you may be interested in the Diction terminology manager. This easy-to-use tool ensures linguistic consistency and increases efficiency in all teams across your entire organisation. This is especially useful for education and training translations – and of course for making sure the correct terminology is used when writing or proofreading your texts.

Übersetzung Bildungswesen - Terminologiemanager

Education and training translations – all the variety of Switzerland

If you need assistance with translating core syllabuses, training programmes, information booklets, career guides, exam documents or brochures, just give us a call.

We are well aware that the programmes and documents are as varied as Switzerland itself. The requirements are always different depending on which industry you are from or which language regions or cantons your texts are for. Our language professionals have years of experience in a huge range of industries – and they are experts at learning new specialist information quickly if you have special requirements. Our tools and software solutions ensure that we receive your terminology and complex specialist knowledge directly – and that our team can implement it consistently in your texts.

ASo, whether you need us to proofread your exam questions, translate your core syllabus, or provide linguistic advice in the areas of education, training, exams and careers – put our outstanding quality and speed to the test.

Experts in educational and examination documents
Diction is our go-to language partner for translating and editing framework curricula, teaching concepts, studies, teaching materials and more. The team work with sector-specific vocabulary and use terminology from the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. The linguistic quality of the texts is always extremely high, even when turnaround times are rather short. We never hesitate to recommend Diction to educational institutions, sponsors and industry associations.

Dr. Andreas Schubiger
Head of Institut für Kompetenzentwicklung,
Training und Transfer, 
i-k-t GmbH

Sector-specific knowledge
Diction has been a trusted language services provider for the public administration sector since 2008. We particularly appreciate being able to exchange ideas freely with Diction, and the fact that the company uses sector-specific knowledge and specialist glossaries when translating our training documents, regulations, directives and other texts in the field of education. The Diction team make things easy – they are efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Martina Oertli
Managing Director,
Public Administration Sector

A professional partner in the education sector
Diction translates a range of texts for us, including qualification profiles, education reports, examination regulations and curricula. I particularly appreciate the team’s professionalism, the friendly service and the quality you get for the money you pay. We know we can rely on Diction’s experience and expertise in all things terminology when it comes to editing our educational documents.
Susann Mäusli Bruggisser
Member of the Management Team,
Swiss Graphic Design Association

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