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Raise your profile, cut costs: set yourself apart from the rest with a distinct corporate language people will recognise. Our terminology manager promotes linguistic consistency and facilitates effective collaboration across all departments.

Manage your corporate language and culture

What is the Diction terminology manager? It’s simple: our client portal gives you access to an integrated tool for creating, maintaining and sharing your company’s entire corporate language management system (with your employees, marketing agency, translators, etc.). What can the tool do for you? The whole point of corporate language is of course to ensure your company communicates with one voice. In other words, you are able to show your clients what you stand for and clearly stand out from the competition. But it’s not all about image – more specifically, it’s also about cutting costs and making things simpler.

When different names are used to refer to your products and services, this creates more work. Clients often report that their teams talk past each other, that the agencies assisting them are not properly informed or that buyers are not all receiving the same information. This is precisely where the Diction terminology manager comes into play. It’s easy to use and can be fully customised to allow all or specific employees to access your corporate language. This saves a considerable amount of work in the long term. Book a free demonstration now!

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What can the Diction terminology manager do for you?

Firstly, it makes the subject of corporate language accessible to your entire team. The tool is simple and intuitive to navigate, allowing anyone to easily tap into information that tends to be handled exclusively by terminology experts. Even people who do have little to do with language-related tasks in their day-to-day work can look up terms with a simple click of the mouse and find valuable information about specific phrases and wording. It also lets users add style guides and templates. Experience the benefits for yourself during a free demonstration. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of the main features:

Standardise language throughout your company

Your company speaks its own language. In theory, at least. In practice, not every employee will always know where to find information about corporate language or how to use it properly. In many cases, entire departments will be using their own terms without knowing what the other departments are doing. By applying simple rules with the terminology manager, you can build and establish your corporate language and share it with all your teams with a single click.

Check wording directly in documents

Each person using the tool in your team can verify terms quickly and effectively by running a term check. For instance, say you are writing a business letter or some new web copy. The tool highlights words in red, yellow or green directly in the document, depending on whether a term is preferred, accepted or should be avoided. The terminology manager also suggests preferred terms if these terms are missing.

Find terms easily with specific topic filters

In addition to the “traffic light” checks in the document, you can of course easily look up the terms manually right from the search bar. Or show only entries for a specific topic or category. If you do not know the exact wording, the tool will make appropriate suggestions. In any case, the terms are highlighted in different colours to indicate whether the word is preferred, accepted or to be avoided.

Design collaborative workflows

The tool allows you to make all of your team’s specialised knowledge available on a single platform. A flexible concept for managing roles and rights lets you grant colleagues or individual users permission to perform various terminology tasks. That way, you can collect information from all departments and weigh different perspectives when the task is to add new terms or wording to the standard corporate language.

Benefits of well-managed corporate language

Perhaps you already have various glossaries or term lists, but they are not kept up to date or not everyone at your company knows about them. Our terminology tool helps you effectively manage your corporate language. How exactly does this benefit you? You have surely thought about all of these issues many times before:

  • Setting yourself apart from the competition with distinct language
  • Strengthening corporate identity
  • Consistent communication with your clients
  • Legal certainty through precise terminology
  • Lower translation costs and fewer queries from translators
  • Less work to author texts
  • Less work managing client relations
  • Less time required to coordinate between departments

Sound familiar? A few more specific examples: different teams within a company will often refer to the same products or services by different names. This can increase production costs or, in the best case, lead to interdepartmental meetings that waste time discussing designations and definitions that should, in fact, already be clear. Our own language teams, for example, frequently see that a client’s marketing department will insist on one name for a product while the legal department expects another to be used. Then there are cases in which both departments are not even aware that they are using different names and only discover this when our translators have brought it to their attention. Your customer support staff will also save time and effort because they will have to deal with fewer customer enquiries (not to mention the additional research required) related to documents using inconsistent terminology. This is why it is better to take control of your company’s terminology from the outset.

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Who is the terminology manager designed for?

That’s what’s so nice about the terminology manager: the tool is useful to all clients, large or small, who are looking for an extra-simple, extra-effective solution for their corporate language management. You will always have the right terminology in the right place.

We offer a pro and corporate version of the terminology manager. This means that the size of your company doesn’t matter – whether you have 2,000 employees across dozens of departments or are running a family business with just a handful of people.

There are also additional options for customising the tool to meet your needs and your number of users. Even with just a small group of employees, it can sometimes be a challenge to communicate with clients in a consistent voice – this powerful tool finally makes it possible and requires almost no effort at all.

Simply give us a call to find out more or book a free demonstration of the tool.

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