The whole world from a single source

Do you need a specialist translation into French? A certified English translation? Do you need your German document edited? Subtitles in several languages? Maybe you need a machine translation in one or several languages?

We’re just as passionate about the more exotic languages, and work with highly qualified experts. To ensure we can offer you the best possible service, we are certified in accordance with ISO 17100, ISO 18587 and ISO 9001. Give us a call.

Looking for a translator? Experts and quality in all languages

In our main languages, we work with in-house translators and proofreaders who help you with your content, ideas and linguistic needs in teams of up to 20. We also work closely with carefully selected and highly qualified external specialists. Our experienced specialist translators and language teams know our clients’ terminology lists and individual preferences inside out. And, if anything needs to be clarified, they will contact you directly in order to ensure that your final text accords precisely with your specifications.

Find out more about our core languages

The specialists and experts in our in-house teams look forward to working on your multilingual project. We also provide professional services in almost every other language, but we are especially well-equipped for our core languages with our teams of in-house experts.

Translation, proofreading, editing, copywriting, post-editing, simplified language – whatever you need, we are just a phone call away. And, if you have a question about your text, you can speak to the translator or proofreader who worked on it directly.

Further languages

We offer more than just the standard languages like English and French. We are just as passionate about the more exotic languages, and work with highly qualified experts. Our certified quality management processes also ensure that we provide a consistently excellent service with experienced translators in every language. Read more here.

“20 languages? Piece of cake.”

Projects in 20 languages? For 30 countries? Adrian Häni, Head of Pre-press at Publicis Communications Schweiz AG, knows that regardless of how urgent or how complex the project, Diction always know exactly what needs to be done – and always deliver on time (video currently only available in German).


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A user-friendly portal and outstanding quality
When we need our German texts edited and translated into English, French and Italian, we always come to Diction. We really value the outstanding quality they deliver, their quick reaction times and the fact they always meet our deadlines. The intuitive and user-friendly client portal is also really great, and it makes our project management much easier.

Carmen Rüst
Country Communication Manager,
Läderach (Schweiz) AG

Local partner, global expertise
We‘ve been working with Diction for many years. The fact that their offices are just down the road allows us to sit down together and discuss projects face-to-face, something that we really value. And the expertise of their in-house teams is very impressive: we of course have direct contact to their in-house editors and translators, but not just in the “standard languages” – German, English, French, Italian and Spanish – but also in Chinese, Japanese and Russian. This makes life much easier for us, as our experts and those at Diction can discuss any and all question with each other as they arise – a fantastic service that we would not want to do without.

Brigitte Götz
Head of Marketing, Allgemeines Treuunternehmen, Vaduz


Do you have in-house translators for every language?

We have full-time in-house translators and proofreaders for our main languages, and you can speak to them directly if you have any questions, which saves you a lot of time and hassle. We have experts in the various varieties of each language in our in-house teams. And, if you need us to edit a German text for readers outside of Switzerland, our Austrian and German colleagues in the German team know exactly when to use the ß and the correct format for business letters in both countries. If we do not have any in-house experts for the languages you require, your text will be read by one of our external native speakers, each of which undergoes a stringent selection process in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard.

What services do you offer in the various languages?

We provide editing, proofreading, translation and copywriting in all of our languages. Our clients usually send us projects in German, French, English and Italian. But we also have in-house experts for languages such as Chinese. We can translate and proofread texts from a broad range of different subject areas, including law, finance and marketing. Furthermore, we can work directly in your website’s CMS and optimise your layout in InDesign.

Does a native speaker always work on my text regardless of the language?

Yes. Each text we work on is translated or proofread in accordance with our four-eyes principle (unless you specifically request otherwise) – so there are always two people working on it. For translations, for example, a native speaker will carry out the translation, which will then be reviewed by a second native speaker or a person with excellent knowledge of the target language. The translator and reviewer work together closely. Native speakers also work together in close collaboration on all proofreading projects.