Your data under lock and key

We work in accordance with the GDPR and protect your data using state-of-the-art technology and a secure data centre. In addition, all of our employees have signed a strict confidentiality agreement.

  • Diction servers in a secure data centre
  • No data saved on third-party servers
  • Compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Secure data transfers
  • Strict NDA for all internal staff
  • Strict NDA for all external staff

What is data protection at Diction?

Generally speaking, data protection is the protection of unauthorised data processing and the right to informational self-determination. Diction is ISO 27001 certified. Although Diction is based in Switzerland, we work in accordance with the requirements of the 2018 GDPR. This is not just because we want our processes to meet the very highest standards, which the GDPR represents, but also because we mainly work with virtual data, which can easily cross national borders, and we want to provide the same level of data protection to every single Diction client. For further details please also refer to our Privacy Statement.

When will the new Swiss data protection legislation be passed?

The update to the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) has still not been completed. The new FADP will probably be very similar to the GDPR in terms of content and terminology. This is due to the fact that national borders no longer represent an obstacle for data traffic, and Switzerland wants to be viewed by the EU as a non-EU country with a suitable level of data protection in the future. In addition, due to the Schengen Agreement, Switzerland already has to prosecute in cases of data protection infringements where EU citizens are involved. Switzerland also wants to bring its data protection provisions up to the same level as the EU in order to ensure that international data traffic can flow unhindered. This is why Diction is already working in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to our Data Protection Officer (

What is information security at Diction?

Information security at Diction refers to the measures that we take to ensure your data is secure that go above and beyond the requirements of data protection legislation. We have the very highest standards for information security. All our servers and data are held in an enclosed rack which is monitored around the clock in our secure data centre in Zurich (ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certified and FINMA Circular 2008/7 compliant).

Diction servers and secure data transfers

One very important aspect of our security standards is the fact that we store all data and backup data on our own servers. Having a reliable system with a fail-safe mechanism is as important to us as it is to you – after all, we pride ourselves on being available around the clock. Our servers are connected to the Internet by two identical, completely separate fibre-optic cables, ensuring a fully redundant network connection which guarantees constant availability, 365 days a year. We use the following methods for secure data transfers: SFTP via Citrix Files, VPN and encrypted e-mails. Click here for an overview of our information security policy.


The security of your data is of paramount importance to us. We are not only committed to providing the highest levels of technological security – we also make our employees aware of the importance of keeping your data secure and contractually oblige them to do so. Every member of our in-house staff and all our external partners sign a strict confidentiality agreement.

ISO certifications

Our four ISO certifications (ISO 17100: requirements for translation services, ISO 27001: information security, ISO 18587: post-editing by qualified experts, and ISO 9001: process and quality management) give you the assurance that we really do what we say when it comes to implementing secure and transparent processes, which are essential for effective information security.