SIHH 2015 Teaserplakat

40,000 square metres, 14,500 invited guests, 1,200 journalists, 16 luxury watch brands, a nine-hour train journey and two awestruck Diction employees – Catia Brunnenmeister, Head of Haute Horlogerie, and Xuesong Wu, Head of Asian Languages – who gladly accepted the invitation from our biggest haute horlogerie client to attend the 25th anniversary of the SIHH in Geneva on 23 January 2015.

The watch fair was not only an opportunity to get a close-up look at the exquisite and highly complicated timepieces on display, but also provided a quite different forum in which to speak to clients.

Sadly, our haute horlogerie experts were not among the array of celebrities who received an invitation to the gala dinner, but they were certainly there in spirit. The two project managers followed the goings on at the event throughout the evening and long into the night in order to make live updates to the press texts for our client. This was obviously a very important task, so you might say they felt a little like VIPs after all.

All images: © SIHH 2015

Diction-Mitarbeiterinnen am SIHH
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