Our language experts for corporate reporting have been celebrating recently after getting the news that Diction is now a Gold Partner of the Geschäftsberichte-Symposium, an event that is held annually by the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR). The CCR is an independent centre of excellence for corporate reporting and the central point of contact for all key players in the corporate reporting community.The CCR’s activities include the help desk providing individual consultation for CCR members, the annual Geschäftsberichte-Symposium, events related to specific topics and the publication of the industry journal The Reporting Times.

Customers from a wide range of industries have been entrusting the translation and proofreading of their annual reports to the Diction experts for years. We also have several copywriters who work on finance texts. We are therefore thrilled to work together with the CCR on topics such as corporate reporting, strategy and leadership.

And Diction’s experts will of course be at the 2020 Geschäftsberichte-Symposium on 24 June. We are looking forward to the event, this year with the key topic of “Impact – nothing else matters” and to getting involved in one of the best-practice sessions. Will you be there?