We have been a preferred supplier for Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) Switzerland since 1 August 2020 after winning a tender. What was it that made Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland choose Diction? Quite a lot, actually! But some of the main reasons we were awarded the contract were our professional creative translations and our efficient processes that allow us to meet even the tightest client deadlines.

Using the latest technologies

One of the biggest factors for the client was the fact that they would be able to use our innovative technologies and solutions for their project management. Coca-Cola HBC uses our client portal via an SSO interface that is accessible via the Diction connector, allowing users to access our portal directly from the client’s system. This not only means project management is much easier for the client – it also ensures improved data protection and information security. If a Coca-Cola HBC employee leaves the company, they are locked out of the Diction portal and their data is deactivated. All of this happens automatically – the client doesn’t even need to inform us.

We have been working on a huge range of interesting projects for this client for the past four months, from creative marketing texts to highly confidential internal communications and complex legal documents in German, French, English and Italian. Our language teams and tech experts are delighted to work for such an interesting client, and celebrated by raising their glasses – which were of course filled with Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz Visitor Center