ISO alert at Diction! We are now ISO 27001 certified. Of course, data protection and information security have been among our top priorities for a long time. Many of our clients tell us that they know they are in really safe hands when placing orders with us. We are naturally delighted about that. But secure means secure! Following the audit, our information security management system (ISMS) is now officially “ISO-certified”. 

ISO 27001 – certified information security 

The ISO 27001 standard sets highly demanding requirements for achieving, monitoring and constantly optimising information security. We have already been adhering to many of the standard’s requirements for several years as a matter of course. However, anyone who knows Diction also knows that we set ourselves the highest standards. As a result, over the last few months our Information Security Officer has worked with our IT department to check all of the procedures time and again, upended our workflows (virtually) three times, drawn up guidelines, secured the office and IT system as if it were Fort Knox, and much more. In addition, all Diction employees have completed an interactive training module on the topics of fire prevention, compliance, data protection and information security.  

Audit passed!

Who doesn’t remember that feeling from their own school days of unease despite being very well prepared? It’s been a little bit like that for us, but everything went smoothly in the end: the auditor spent almost three full days with us, putting our ISMS through its paces – and was absolutely satisfied. We received top marks for our site inspection! 

We are now delighted (though also pretty exhausted) and, thanks to this new certification, very much look forward to offering our clients even better security when they entrust their documents to us.  

If you would like to know more, you can find further information about this certification and our other ISO certifications here.