Our language partners are part of our family! That’s why we couldn’t miss the opportunity to get to know as many language professionals as possible, meet up with them again or recruit them – at the ELIA Together conference that took place in Rome on 23 and 24 February 2023.

On the eve of the conference, we met up with many of our existing language partners for our own Diction event with a short presentation and a long party. The freelancers were able to ask the Diction team crucial and personal questions face-to-face and discover in detail how the various points of contact in the Diction system work. When should I contact Quality Control, and when should I speak to resource management? Our Head of Language Technology was also there and was able to answer questions about CAT tools, MT and other queries about language technology. There was a quiz as well, in which Diction’s guests were able to win a little prize – and then we partied until the small hours. All in all, a great evening! Thanks to everyone who came.

Of course we have some photos as evidence:

The next two days were then packed with fascinating workshops and presentations on numerous professional topics. On the sidelines, there was ample opportunity for networking with a large number of language experts from all over the world. During the speed-dating sessions in the Job Fair, we met a large number of excellent translation professionals who will (hopefully) soon be joining the Diction family.

Here are some impressions of the ELIA Together 2023 (© ELIA Association and photographer Daniel Seabra):

Once again, the event emphasised that efficiency is important but real human contact is just as important. Even if we all count as translation enthusiasts, events of this kind still generate new passion to do our best every day. And Rome as the backdrop provided its share of inspiration on top. ?