Do you need to translate or proofread education-related documents that have to adhere to the terminology required by Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation (SERI)? Diction offers a useful service for professional associations and universities that helps them save time and money – and avoid receiving negative feedback from the SERI on the documents they’ve submitted. This includes the following types of text, for instance:

  • framework curricula
  • examination regulations
  • qualification profiles
  • guidance documents
  • and more

The SERI stipulates how these documents should be set out with great precision, in terms of both presentation and content. As a result, it is important that the translation aligns with the appropriate language, terminology, professional titles and templates.

To make this much easier for you, we’ve stored all the sentences and expressions required by the SERI in our translation memories (TMs) and a terminology database (TB) in German, French and Italian. We are currently receiving a very high volume of examination and education documents: this approach enables us to save a substantial amount of time and money for your benefit.

Which SERI-compliant terminology do we use?

For examination regulations, we draw on:

  • the guidance texts for professional examinations and professional education institutions
  • the glossary for professional examinations
  • the list of more than 350 professional titles, in both male and female versions
  • all the terms from the framework curricula guidelines
  • the information sheets on guidance documents and qualification profiles

This means that, for some clients, we could automatically take up to half (!) of the text from the reference material before the translation itself got under way. We don’t charge our clients for these text matches because they save us a huge amount of time. In addition, you can rest assured that your texts are SERI-compliant – which means you can expect far fewer requests to make changes to your texts once you have submitted them to the SERI.

As with other translations, your individual content is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Only the terms required by the SERI, which always need to be identical, are taken from our reference TM and TB.

Flawless quality

For translations, our system automatically checks whether the terms stored in the terminology database have actually been used. If not, the translator is notified so they can quickly check these discrepancies and amend them as required.

Comprehensive service – including data protection

Our reference TM and TB for SERI terms provide us with text and terminology for your documents, but none of your own company’s terms are transferred back into the reference files. Your translations are always stored in separate databases, which ensures that each client’s orders are only processed using this reference material and their own data: your data is not combined with data from anyone else.

Want to talk?

So, if you need to have framework curricula, examination regulations, qualification profiles or guidance documents translated, get in touch. Our experienced education translators would be delighted to work on your texts – saving you money, time and stress.