Diction is always delighted to have happy clients in the areas of research, education and training. From marketing content to sensitive exam documents, we have a wealth of experience in this industry. And we always relish the opportunity to show off our copywriting skills – for example for the ETH Library, the main library of ETH Zurich, for whom we have been copywriting and translating since the end of 2019. We have plenty of experts for creative copywriting.

The client

The ETH Library  is the central university library for ETH Zurich and a Swiss centre for scientific and technical information. Their focus is on providing information for the employees and students of ETH Zurich, as well as other universities, the general public, and companies. As a globally networked knowledge hub, the ETH Library is a partner for research and teaching institutions. 

The task

We write news articles for the ETH Library website and translate them into English. Occasionally, the client also requests translations into French. These articles play an important role, as they communicate news and information on the ETH Library’s products and services.

The target group includes the scientific community as well as members of the general public with an interest in science and culture. Our language experts therefore have to ensure stylistic and terminological consistency in German and English. Our copywriters have the task (or privilege) of researching new topics for each project, as the subjects covered in the texts cover a huge range of different fields.  

The solution

Our copywriters love working for ETH Zurich. One of the key tasks is to visualise the target group and always have the reader’s needs in mind while writing. That’s why we always schedule a briefing with the client and set aside time to carefully research the subject matter. “We value the quick reaction times, the fact that Diction always contacts us if anything is unclear, and their diligent adherence to our instructions”, says Deborah Kyburz, Head of Community & Content Marketing. This praise is the result of our open and direct communication with the ETH Library and our efforts to implement any feedback they send us. Doing so is an essential aspect of the quality management we rigorously implement for all clients.

One particularly interesting project we work on for this client are news articles for which we have to proofread an existing text and copywrite additional text to add to the article. Obviously the copywriter is involved in the proofreading – this ensures that the final text is fluent and coherent.

With our in-house team, Diction is able to carry out this task particularly efficiently, as our processes are seamless. Of course we always keep our glossaries, style guides and translation memories up to date to ensure the texts are always consistent and correct. “I really appreciate the fact that we get our German and English texts from a single source”, says Deborah Kyburz. It’s true. After the German content has been approved, we start translating the text into English. And the translations also benefit from the efficient communication within our resource chain: our translators and proofreaders speak directly to the copywriter to ensure that client requests, feedback and information are integrated into both languages.

The bottom line: The seamless collaboration between our experts from various fields is particularly valuable for complex texts in the areas of science, research, training and education.