In accordance with the GDPR and FADP

Having your privacy statement translated is particularly important if you offer your services in several languages, especially if you also operate in EU countries.

Should my privacy statement be in accordance with the GDPR or the FADP?

Do you need to have your privacy statement translated? If your website is in several different languages (and thus your product is marketed in these languages), you need to give your customers the opportunity to read your privacy statement in the same languages, especially for EU countries. The best option is to have your privacy statement professionally translated. We currently adhere to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for our privacy statement translations.

The revision of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) is still being worked on. However, it is highly likely that it will be very similar to the GDPR. Switzerland wants to be viewed by the EU as a non-EU country with a suitable level of data protection in the future. In addition, Switzerland already has to prosecute in cases of data protection infringements where EU citizens are involved. It is therefore the safest approach for you to adhere to the EU GDPR.

Privacy statement translations:
experts in several languages

It’s all about terminology! If you want to have your privacy statement translated, Diction has a team of highly experienced legal translators for most languages who can translate your privacy statement. Our language specialists ensure that the GDPR terminology is used and that your privacy statement complies with all the specifics of this regulation, including, for example, the right of access by the data subject as per Article 15 seqq. of the GDPR and the lawfulness of processing as per Article 6 of the GDPR. Did you know, for example, that the correct translation of “data subject” varies greatly depending on the language (e.g. the literal translation of the German term “betroffene Personen” is “affected persons”)?

Beglaubigte Übersetzung: Noch Fragen?

Do you have any questions about privacy statement translations?

Our Finance and Legal team, headed up by Deborah Palm, is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

+41 81 750 53 46

What about Diction’s data protection?

Good question! We take care of your privacy statement translations, but what about our own? We listened to our own advice and translated our privacy statement into four different languages for our website. Click here to find out more about data protection and information security.

Information security: we do much more than just what is legally required when it comes to data protection. We take information security very seriously and are ISO 27001 certified. All our servers are held in an enclosed rack which is monitored around the clock in our secure data centre (ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certified and FINMA Circular 2008/7 compliant). We only use our own servers. In addition, all of our in-house employees and external partners have signed a strict NDA.

Precise, thorough and fast
When it comes to legal translations, we rely on Diction’s specialist translators, who work precisely, thoroughly and quickly and are experts when it comes to the law. Furthermore, we appreciate Diction’s flexibility and timely service.

Andreas Beyer
Head of Legal & Compliance, Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH

Won over by the experts
For us, it was really important to have our website translated into English by language experts who also have extensive knowledge of legal terminology. We were really won over by the Diction team! They were fast, efficient and always found the right words.

Matthias Hüberli
Lawyer, Hueberli Lawyers AG



Does my website have to have a privacy statement?

Yes – for companies based in the EU or that have clients or potential clients within the EU. Switzerland has to prosecute in cases of data protection infringements where EU citizens are involved. Most Swiss companies therefore take the safest approach of implementing privacy statements that are GDPR-compliant.

Can I just use a template for my privacy statement translations?

This would be a fairly risky approach. While there are a number of online templates for GDPR-compliant privacy statements (mostly in English), these usually cannot just be used for any website. The privacy statement has to reflect how your website uses data. Depending on the company, there can be a number of differences. It is therefore a better idea to have your original German version translated by professional legal translators who know exactly what the proper translations of legal terms are in English, French and Italian. Your translation will not be based on a template – it will be perfectly tailored to the requirements of your company.

Can I translate my company’s privacy statement myself?

If you are a native speaker of the target language and a legal expert, sure! But we wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t. A much safer option is to have your privacy statement professionally translated. Diction’s legal experts are well-versed in all of the relevant legal terminology for privacy statements and will translate yours so that it perfectly suits your company.