The complete package

Your annual report is a key element of your company’s public image. Diction offers a complete service for your corporate reporting, including taking care of the layout using tools such as ns.publish.

Experts for your annual report

The Diction team comprises specialist translators with many years of experience in the area of legal and financial texts (including sustainability reports) and proofreaders who have received extensive professional training in the areas of economics, banking, finance and insurance and have a detailed knowledge of the relevant industries and markets.

Does your report need stylistic revisions, or perhaps even need to be drafted from scratch? Our finance copywriters will be more than happy to take on the task – and will of course compose texts in line with your instructions while consistently employing your corporate language. We can also connect directly to your system via the Diction connector, enabling our translators to work on your report directly using publishing systems such as ns.publish.

Annual report editing and translations
A selection of our clients

Below is a list of some of the clients that have been coming to Diction for editing and translation of their annual reports for years. We are proud to support these clients with their corporate reporting, be it editing projects or translations in one, two or ten languages. We can work in a wide range of different formats and programs, from MS Word to ns.publish – we tailor our services to your requirements.

  • AMAG. Since 2019: editing of annual reports in German and preferred supplier status for all languages.
  • Viacar AG. Since 2017: translation of annual reports into French.
  • Kaiser Partner Privatbank. Since 2016: editing of annual reports in German. Since 2019: translation of annual reports into English.
  • SENS Foundation. Since 2014: editing the German, French and English annual reports. 2015: translation of the report into English and French directly in InDesign.
  • Swisstransplant. Since 2015: translation of annual reports into French.
  • Oerlikon. Since 2013: translation of annual and financial reports, covering letters and press releases into German and editing in German and English.
  • Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen. Since 2013: editing of annual reports in German, including layout and microtypography in InDesign.
  • SNV. Since 2012: editing in German and French and translation of annual reports into French. 2015: French subtitles for annual report videos.

Diction terminology manager:
raise your profile, cut costs

Several different people usually work on an annual report, and it really isn’t easy to ensure linguistic consistency throughout the document. It’s essential to make sure that your stakeholders receive a report with facts, numbers and success stories that are absolutely consistent.

Our interactive tool makes it possible. The Diction terminology manager guarantees linguistic consistency and facilitates effective collaboration across all departments, regardless of different writing styles. Our tool takes the abstract subject of corporate terminology and provides you with easy-to-use building blocks for any type of text that make life much easier for your report writers.

Find out more about the Diction terminology manager.

Want to see it in action?

Diction is a Gold Partner of the Geschäftsberichte-Symposium

Customers from a wide range of industries have been entrusting the translation and proofreading of their  annual reports  to the Diction experts for years. As a Gold Partner of the Geschäftsberichte-Symposium, one of the top events in the industry, Diction is now collaborating more closely with the Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR) on topics such as corporate reporting, strategy and leadership.

Terminology for annual reports

We use a termbase and a translation memory to manage your corporate terminology and ensure coherence, efficiency and consistency for your translations and editing projects. Find out more about our translation technologies.

We work with documents in (almost) all formats, and are no strangers to ns.publish, QuarkXPress and Visio. We also offer a number of optional additional services. For example, for reports in several languages, we can carefully compare each document, checking for consistency in both content and layout. Our in-house desktop publishing experts can also use InDesign to ensure that the design is the same for each language, from French to Chinese. Of course they also take into account the typographical idiosyncrasies of the individual languages, such as the spacing between a number and the per cent symbol, which in French is a thin space, while in English it should be a hair space.

From the Diction magazine: the Oerlikon annual report

Diction has been providing corporate reporting language services for Oerlikon, the global powerhouse for technology and surface solutions, for several years. When it comes to annual reports, quarterly reports, CEO letters, press releases and other types of communication, our corporate reporting specialists know exactly what they are doing. Find out more in the magazine article (German only) or take a look through every issue of our magazine here.

Beglaubigte Übersetzung: Noch Fragen?

Do you have any questions about proofreading or translation for annual reports?

Our Finance and Legal team, headed up by Deborah Palm, is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

+41 81 750 53 46

Quality and information security

Diction is ISO-certified in the areas of quality management, translation management and post-editing. We take the protection of your data and information security very seriously. All our servers are held in an enclosed rack which is monitored around the clock in our secure data centre (ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certified and FINMA Circular 2008/7 compliant). We only use our own servers. In addition, all of our in-house employees and external partners have signed a strict NDA. We also offer a courier service or postal delivery for all Apostilles and other legal documents.

Precise, thorough and fast
When it comes to legal translations, we rely on Diction’s specialist translators, who work precisely, thoroughly and quickly and are experts when it comes to the law. Furthermore, we appreciate Diction’s flexibility and timely service.

Andreas Beyer
Head of Legal & Compliance, Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH

Won over by the experts
For us, it was really important to have our website translated into English by language experts who also have extensive knowledge of legal terminology. We were really won over by the Diction team! They were fast, efficient and always found the right words.

Matthias Hüberli
Lawyer, Hueberli Lawyers AG