Local expertise for a global language

Here at Diction, we specialise in providing authentic, idiomatic English texts that read just like originals. Our English team is always ready to work on specialist translations or proofreading projects for any situation and any region. Our experts can translate your annual reports, compliance documentssubtitles and many other types of texts.

It doesn’t matter what format your text is in, since we are not only experts in the English language, but can also work in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, QuarkXPress and InDesign documents. We can even translate directly via your website’s CMS or connect to your system via our API interface, the Diction connector.

  • British English
  • American English
  • International English
  • Further varieties upon request

Native expertise

If your text was not written by a native speaker, we recommend the Diction editing service, as English is a language in which people often overestimate their skills. You might have studied English and speak it every day at work, but even accomplished speakers of English occasionally mix up collocations, go overboard with the dreaded German nominal style or confuse false friends.

Noch Fragen zur Englisch-Übersetzung?

Do you have any questions about English translations?

Our English team, headed up by Maria Huber is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

+41 81 750 53 33

Can’t get enough English?

Don’t worry, our English team have enough blog articles to satisfy your needs.



My English is pretty good, so I translated the text myself. Can your native speakers edit it quickly?

Yes, our in-house native speakers can professionally edit your translation, whether it is an original English text or something you translated into English. However, we recommend letting our experienced native speakers from the English team translate your document from the original source language. Even if your English is flawless, our English proofreaders may still need to reformulate and improve your text quite a lot to make it sound natural and idiomatic. But if your translation is of a very high quality, you may be able to save a bit of time. Just give us a call. Whatever the situation, our translation agency will find the right solution for your English translation or proofreading project.

When does your translation agency recommend international English?

International English is sometimes used for texts that will not be published in the UK or US – or simply in cases when the client does not want to use either of these varieties. For words that are spelled differently in British and American English, we use the recommendations of The Cambridge Guide to English Usage. Just let us know which variety of English you want for your English text, and our translators and proofreaders will do the rest.